The best Swiss Routes with TORTOUR Challenge

We are offering you a few new Augmented Routes from Switzerland, which we added in the TORTOUR Digital Cycling Challenge. Join the Challenge, and become the lucky winner of some beautiful prizes from TORTOUR - Sprint starting place, Travel Jersey, signed by the one and only Miguel Indurain, an Evoc wash bag and more gifts for you.
TORTOUR is the biggest multi-day, nonstop ultra-cycling event in the world. The race, which starts and finishes in Zurich, Switzerland, demands a lot of its cyclists and crews. Riding non-stop, day and night, the athletes have to overcome the 1,000 kilometers route over several Alpine passes in only two days, either solo or in a team. Mastering this challenging adventure takes blood, sweat, and tears – but the unique cycling experience and feeling of achievement are worth it! And now, you get the opportunity to ride some of the routes from this big cycling EVENT!

Switzerland |  Grenchen - Obergrenchenberg
We would like to introduce you to another new Augmented Route, which is also from Switzerland. It, too, is very difficult, but we hope you will like it. A plateau west of the Weissenstein is called Grenchenberg. It belongs to the Swiss Jura. The highest point is the one at 1,405 m. above sea level - M. lying ridge (a mountain ridge), which separates the French-speaking Jura from the German-speaking Mittelland. At the same time, the ridge forms the border between the two cantons of Bern and Solothurn.

Distance: 14.32 km
Avg. Grade: 5%
Ascended: 776 m
Max. Grade: 16 %
Switzerland | Euttligen - Muntelier

The route itself ambles through the Swiss countryside, consisting of rolling green hills and bright blue sky, interspersed with lakes and traditional Swiss villages. The route has a decent amount of climb, arriving in 3 main waves, but descends much more than it ascends in the main.
We are really enjoying the continuing expansion of the Rouvy AR catalog, and are looking forward to tackling some of the more challenging new Swiss routes.

Distance: 24.5 km
Avg. Grade: 1%
Ascended: 339 m
Max. Grade: 11 %

de: 15%
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