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Dear Customer,

This COVID epidemic is a very challenging and intense time for the company because it overlapped with the launch of IRONMAN partnership, on-following organization of The Digital Swiss 5 and other races. We had to focus on resolving issues related to the enormous interest in the platform from the race event organizers, user growth and etc. We greatly appreciate your patience as our community grows.

In the near future, we will gradually come up with other significant adjustments that should improve our platform and service. We are working intensively on the ANT+ protocol, with broader smart and classic trainers support for ROUVY AR.

Our next big update is related to our DRAFTING feature. (For those who are ready to test our new features in the development stage, you are welcome to subscribe for the closed beta-testing group.). We will be very happy if you can try drafting (once it is released) in the coming weeks and send us your feedback by the end of June.
Of course, tracking records and rankings are closely related to drafting. Once the final version of the drafting is official, we will make a major change to our leaderboards (and rules) for the last couple of years:
- rankings are to be "reset" on all routes
- the anti-cheating automatic filter (to be launched)
- records can only be created on smart trainers
- the rankings will be divided into ‘time-trial’ (no drafting) and ‘race’ (drafting-enabled)
The goal is to make leaderboards fair and all you are able to compare against one another.

Once again, thank you for your support and activities. We will continue to build a great gallery of digitalized races in AR. You can now enjoy up to 5,000 video routes in the catalog altogether, and the numbers are counting daily.

If you have a question, wish to share feedback or need a hand, please let us know at

Petr Samek,

Questions? Check out our Help Desk, video tutorials, or drop our customer service team an email.

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